carlye (wordscomeeasy) wrote in budoir_decor,

this is my room

this is my room, theres still some things i need to put in and change around. i hope you like it!

this is what you first see when you walk in my room

my boyfriend left his ddr pad here for me to borrow and hasnt picked it up yet.

my bed, its not a clear picture at all.

my nighstand area.

my nightstand with the current book im reading and a picture of my boyfriend gavin.

yoga mat, bookshelf, school folders and portfolio.

my closet, very interesting

yes thats dolly parton.

my desk area, very unorganized.

my dresser

closer view of the stuff on my dresser.

i know there isnt much of a theme but i just wanted things in there that i loved and really enjoyed.
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