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New person, new problems.

Hi folks! I'm in my first apartment alone and I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what to do with the place. I had an apartment before this, but it was a two bedroom and all the furniture was my roommate's so right now I have practically NO furniture except for what's in my bedroom (otherwise I have a great coffee table, a drop-leaf kitchen table that I don't use, and a gross "end table" that I picked out of the garbage. Oh, and a TV cart for my TV. No couch. I watch TV in a bean bag chair) . Of course, it's a rental, so painting is out of the question and I really shouldn't be putting a lot of nails in the walls. That said, I'm going to:

First of all, my apartment is pretty darn great for a college student. It's a big one-bedroom, it has very high ceilings (like three feet over the tops of the door frames), fans in the living room and bedroom and lights on dimmers as well as good lighting in the living room. At the front of the apartment, facing north, are windows in the living room and bedroom, the only windows aside from a small one in the bathroom. The front/windowed walls also have floor-to-ceiling wood paneling that has been painted white, and the walls are all painted tan. The carpet is also a tan color. The apartment is shaped like a dumbbell, with a big living room connected to a big bedroom by a narrow hallway.

When you walk into the living room, the first thing that you notice (due to my lack of furniture) is that the wall on the opposite side opens into the narrow kitchen by way of a huge arch that takes up most of the wall. To the left of the archway, the wall is angled to meet the east wall. To the right, there's a little corner where a lamp or plant or chair could be placed.

The kitchen is very small, with stove, overhead cabinets and fridge all on the south wall and no windows. There is space opposite the stove to place a small table or an island.

From the kitchen a short hallway leads to the bedroom. Just before the bedroom door there is a door to the bathroom on the south wall, and the bathroom is tiny. The door hits the toilet when you open it and the shower is standing room only. There's a medicine cabinet but no real storage to speak of. Opposite the bathroom, on the north wall, there's a nook with some shelves which is where I store just about anything. There's a larger space near the floor which is where I've put the litter box for my cat.

The bedroom, like the living room, is very big. It's also got no angled walls. On the east wall are two closets with sliding doors and there's a niche in the wall between them that looks like it would be good for shelves to store things, but it doesn't have any shelves. Above the closets are two big openings which I've used to store boxes but I was thinking it would look nicer if I decorated them.


My biggest problem is with my windows. The window frames are flush with the walls, and so the blinds provided by the rental company actually stick out from the windows instead of being recessed in the window frame. So if I added curtains the rod would have to come way out from the wall in order for the curtains to hang over the blinds. Plus the frames are wooden, the walls are wooden, and I've already been told that I'd have to fix any holes left if I wanted to add curtains. But there's already been two big long screws put in the walls over the window in the living room.

Second problem - there's an air conditioning unit in the wall in the bedroom and the wind blows right through it, so the bedroom is FREEZING COLD when it's very cold outside. I've got three trash bags taped over it (very chic) but it doesn't work that well.

Not a lot of wall sockets. This makes arranging furniture kind of difficult.

No headboard for my bed. I'm not really sure how I can make it look nice.

There are two ceiling hooks in the living room. How can I hang plants without making them inaccessible, because I'm short?

And, of course... very little money. :(

My exceedingly generous family gave me $25 gift certificates for Target and Linens -n- things. -_-

Oh, and I looked at some antique/junk stores and found an incomplete set of Mikasa dishes and a wall clock that I liked, but the clock has to be plugged in. Is a plug-in wall clock a bad thing?
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